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Meticulously Selected Vintage Just For You

NN Officiel is the place for your designer fix. We have carefully chosen and authenticated coveted pieces from some of the most important collections in fashion history. Every piece is of the highest quality and condition, ethically sourced from some of the most obscure locations in Europe, and available to you in just a click. 



Chanel Ski Two Piece Set

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About Us

NN Officiel is an archival designer clothing boutique based in the South of France founded by Natasha Nicole in 2018. Our collection features some of the most unforgettable, innovative, fun, and sexy pieces and styles of the late 90’s and early 00’s. These pristine high-end treasures are regularly released. Think Chanel ski hat on Cam’Ron’s ‘Oh Boy’ video as one of the many visual references inspiring the ever growing collection.